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Burrito Bar




rice, beans, sofritos, cheese, crema


egg scrambled rice, crema, beans, sofritos, cheese, salsa


rice, beans, raw slaw, lettuce, red crema, salsa verde


corn tortillas, raw slaw, queso cotija, crema


lettuce, veggies, cheese, onion strings, chips, chipotle honey dressing


fritos, beans, queso fundido, salsa, lettuce, cascabel BBQ



veggie black beans    4

verde rice    4

         charro beans    4

cheesy rice    4

cool raw slaw   4





fresh fruit popsicle   4



fresh lime, tequila, triple sec    5


fresh lime, tequila, grandma    9


fresh berries, lime, tequila    8


- tequila shots -

sparkle donkey    5

patron    11

hornitos    6


- beer-

tecate    3

modelo    4

amputator    7


- sips -


Jarritos Sodas    3          Coca Cola    3          Water   3


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